Engine Oil Analysis

Engine Oil Analysis

The analysis of used oil samples from engines provides detailed information regarding the internal condition of the engine and its components.

What is Engine Oil Analysis?

Engine Oil Analysis also enables the monitoring of the condition of the oil, to ensure that the oil being used to protect the engine is in satisfactory condition and is not degrading or contaminated in way that impairs the lubricant's performance.

Oil Composition

Ineffective lubrication is the single biggest cause of machinery failures - Engine Oil Analysis provides the 'window' into understanding and controlling the quality of lubrication within plant machinery engines. Monition Ltd's fully independent Oil Analysis Laboratory provides specialist Engine Oil Analysis Services to industry.

Industrial Applications for Engine Oil Analysis

  • Construction / Heavy Plant (Excavators, Bulldozers, Cranes, etc)
  • Light Plant
  • Haulage / HGV
  • Marine Engines
  • Rail Locomotives / OTM Plant Machinery
  • Quarrying / Mining / Opencast Plant

Engine Oil Analysis Laboratory Tests

Monition's ISO 9001:2000 accredited Oil Laboratory is comprehensively equipped to conduct detailed Engine Oil Analysis, using a range of tests:

  • Full ICP Spectrographic element analysis
  • Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C
  • Ferrous Wear Analysis
  • 5100 Chemical Dielectric Analysis
  • Water Content Analysis
  • TIM (Total Insoluble Matter)
  • TBN (Total Base Number)

Engine Oil Analysis Laboratory Tests

Monition's Engine Oil Analysis service identifies:

  • An indication of which internal components are wearing out - and estimates the rate of failure based on the amounts of component debris present in the oil
  • If oil has become contaminated with dirt or water and requires flushing/replacing to prevent damage to components
  • If the chemical properties of the lubricant have degraded and the oil is no longer protecting the machine

Monition's Engine Oil Analysis Service offers:

Monition's Engine Oil Analysis service identifies:

  • Fast, 3-day turnaround of sample processing,/
  • Modern laboratories utilising advanced spectrographic analysis technology
  • Ability to identify & prevent critical plant failures - renew components where & when necessary, rather than routinely
  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime
  • The knowledge to target & schedule maintenance precisely and efficiently
  • Information to maximise component, filtration & lubrication lifetimes - through a proactive rather than reactive maintenance strategy
  • Extend service intervals - Benefit your maintenance cost saving through reduced maintenance costs
  • Clear, detailed reports which build into a comprehensive historical trend analysis of mechanical operating efficiency & productivity
  • Reports can be designed to reflect customer information requirements - whatever level of technical data required,
  • Monition can supply
  • The highest standards of service and quality - BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance
  • A fully managed, on-site sampling service can be provided by Monition engineers
  • Fully independent service
  • Technical support services available both online and over the phone, connecting you with the experts in the field of oil analysis
  • One-off sample analysis & multiple batches running into hundreds of samples can be processed

Engine Oil Analysis Services

Monition Ltd can advise and assist customers to establish a program of Engine Oil Analysis condition monitoring, and provide engineering services if required to conduct the sampling onsite.

Monition Ltd's fully independent Oil Laboratory provides a specialist suite of lubricant analysis, including engine Oil Analysis, in order to advise customer's of the condition of lubricants and their machines. Monition is an Achilles Link-Up approved service-provider to the rail industry.

Monition's ISO 9001:2000 accredited service includes:

  • Supply of Oil sampling kits
  • FREEPOST return envelopes (UK only)
  • Screening of Samples on arrival at Lab
  • Detailed Oil Analysis
  • Reports emailed directly to customers
  • Online Reporting facilities available

Further Information regarding Engine Oil Analysis

Monition can provide assistance in all your Engine Oil Analysis applications. For further information on Engine Oil Analysis or arrange onsite alignment of plant machinery, please telephone Monition on 01909 722000. Alternatively you can email us at enquiries@monition.com or complete our enquiry form and one of our sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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