Laboratory Services

With Monition’s Oil Analysis Service you command the information to prevent the 'sudden' mechanical breakdowns caused by progressive internal component wear.

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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Conducted at Monition’s laboratory, our Oil Analysis service identifies:-

  • Exactly which internal components are wearing out - and predicts the rate of failure based on the amounts of component debris present in the oil
  • If oil has become contaminated with dirt or water and requires flushing/replacing to prevent damage to components
  • If the chemical properties of the lubricant have degraded and the oil is no longer protecting the machine

No Hassle Oil Analysis

  • Straightforward cost-per-sample for gear/compressor and hydraulic oils
  • We post the oil sampling kits to you
  • You take the oil samples and return them in the FREEPOST envelope provided
  • Our laboratory analyses the sample and emails the report directly to you
  • You use the information to perform preventative maintenance if & when required

Monition offer the following Laboratory Services:-

Oil Analysis App Support Brochure

Oil Analysis App Support

Intellioil Oil Analysis Flyer

Intellioil Oil Analysis

Managed Oil Services Brochure

Managed Oil Services

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing Process includes:-

  • ICP AES (Inductively Coupled Plasma, Atomic Emission Spectroscopy) Elemental Analysis
  • Viscosity (Kinematic viscosity at 40°C and/or 100°C)
  • FW (Ferrous Wear Index)
  • Water Content
  • TIM (Total Insoluble Matter) (A measure of Soot and oxidation products)
  • Soot
  • Dielectric analysis of Chemical Index and Contamination
  • TAN (Total Acid Number)
  • TBN (Total Base Number)
  • Infra-red

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