Rail Oil Analysis

Serving the passenger, maintenance and freight sectors. Monition have created focused oil analysis programs for;

  • Diesel engines
  • Axle gearboxes
  • Final Drive
  • Transmissions
  • Hydrostatics
  • Generators

Monition has significant experience and optimised alarm sets for many rail applications such as, High speed, DMU, EMU, Light Rail, Tampers, Ballast cleaners, Cranes etc.

Rail Oil Analysis

Monition have created focused oil analysis programs for:

  • Printing presses
  • Folder Gearbox
  • Reel stands
  • Pulpers
  • Drive Gearbox’s

Reasons Rail Oil Analysis

Rail Oil Analysis Sampling Procedure

Small samples of used oil can reveal an incredible wealth of information regarding the health and condition of both the machine and the lubricant that is in use to protect its components. Managed Oil Services can analyse the lubricants from your construction machinery, returning concise information summarising the wear state of your equipment.

Using various methods of lubricant and debris analysis, a detailed picture of water and contamination causes can be identified and tended over time to allow early response to potential failures. Oil analysis provides precise information concerning both the health of machinery components and the effectiveness of current lubrication protection.

Ineffective lubrication is the single biggest cause of machinery failures - oil analysis provides the 'window' into understanding and controlling the quality of lubrication within your machinery.

Laboratory Tests

Monition's Oil Analysis Laboratory offers a comprehensive suite of testing services. Analysis is optimised for customer requirements and specific machine components.

Monition's ISO 9001:2000 accredited service includes:

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