Refrigerant & Chilled Systems

It is very important to highlight poorly insulated areas of chilled water or refrigerant pipe lines due to heat ingresses but more primarily is to prevent condensation and subsequent damage to infrastructure, associated components (Seal, Valves etc) and the environment.

The Monition survey is carried out on chilled and refrigeration systems to highlight all areas of poorly insulated pipe work. The saving calculations identify heat ingress losses and potential losses to the system infrastructure, which will increase running costs of the system due to pipe leaks or other component damage. Therefore, fault areas are highlighted using thermal images and the potential effect on the system is estimated through both radiated heat transfer calculations and estimations on the additional associated running costs due to infrastructure damage.

Refrigerant & Chilled Systems

Improved estimations on savings can be obtained once the actual repair costs are known. The actual repair cost can be entered into Monition’s interactive website using your application log in. This will give you actual savings achieved following the completion of each action in both cost and CO2. The reporting information allows you to prioritize the order of repair work to maximize the saving opportunities.

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