Steam & Hot Water Loss

Monition's steam and hot water energy Loss Surveys uses Thermography combined with the Energy tablet to identify & quantify Energy Losses from Steam Heating Pipelines, Refrigeration Pipelines, Boilers and Hot Water Systems.

Monition's Survey Reports:-

  • exactly where problem areas exist
  • quantifying the annual cost of the energy wastage
  • calculating the repair costs
  • calculating a return-on-investment in weeks
  • Up load all results to secure web customer web site
Steam & Hot Water Loss

Onsite survey is entirely non-intrusive to plant or process. Survey Report provides details of all heat loss areas, un-insulated locations, quantified annual Energy Losses in local currency, calculated repair costs to rectify and lack system pipe work and valves and provides return on investment figure in weeks. Survey suitable for processing and production sites worldwide.

Full Energy Loss Survey is tailored to suit the systems in operation at each Plant. Monition will advise on which areas can be prioritised to identify areas which exhibit the greatest energy loss. Monition’s Energy Loss Surveys are the fastest, most inexpensive method currently available to industry to identify and target big-win energy losses - as proven for clients in the pharmaceutical, food processing, brewing and printing industries, worldwide.

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