TAN Test & TAN Testing

TAN Testing

What is a TAN Test?

A TAN (Total Acid Number) Test is a Laboratory test conducted on a used oil sample from Gearboxes or Hydraulic Systems.

The test is a measure of the acidity of the oil. An oil's acidity levels can be affected by oxidation, additive degradation and oil degradation.

Tan Testing

The TAN value in conjunction with other oil analysis tests can give greater insight into the condition of the oil, and ultimately, the condition of the machine which the oil is lubricating.

Monition Ltd operates one of the UK's largest independent oil analysis laboratories, and offer TAN testing in addition to a comprehensive number of oil analysis tests, in order to provide detailed condition monitoring information relating to plant machinery.

Industrial Applications for a TAN Test

  • Gas or Steam Turbine Oils
  • Hydraulic Lubricants
  • Gearbox Oils
  • Gas Engine Crankcases
  • Aviation Oils)

Why conduct a TAN Test?

A TAN test, particularly when conducted as part of a regular program of oil analysis condition monitoring, is an important predictive maintenance check to help ensure the condition and reliability of plant equipment.

An oil's acidity level can be raised as a result of the oil oxidising due to age, or as a result of excessive operating temperatures.

An increased TAN is often an indication of gum and lacquer build-up on the inside of a mechanical system. Further effects include an increase in viscosity (the film thickness of an oil) and an increase in system corrosion.

By conducting TAN testing and oil analysis, Maintenance Engineers can make informed decisions on when to replace lubricants or maintain machines, based on the condition of the equipment, rather than conducting time-based maintenance which is often costly and unnecessary.

TAN Test Services

Monition Ltd can advise and assist customers to establish a program of oil analysis condition monitoring, and provide engineering services if required to conduct the sampling onsite.

Monition Ltd's fully independent Oil Laboratory provides a specialist suite of lubricant analysis, including TAN Testing, in order to advise customer's of the condition of lubricants and their machines.

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